Remembrances of Anne Rudolph

Anne Rudolph & Me

By Margot Grimmer As a toddler, I bounced off walls. My mom searched for a constructive outlet for my enormous energy. She enrolled me in Anne Rudolph’s creative dance class for three-year-olds at her studio on Michigan Avenue. My mom had studied with Miss Rudolph after seeing her perform with her Isadora Duncan inspired Motion…

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John Szostek’s Remembrance

I met Anne in 1972 in Chicago. I performed at Otto’s Beer House and Garden Club on North Halstead St. in their outdoor venue. The name of our theatre company was “Geoffrey Buckley’s Commedia dell’ Arte Gelosi Company.” We performed commedia dell’ Arte scenarios. We were Ken Raabe, Jack Phend, Julie Phend, Jane Raabe, Gail…

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Robert Gettleman’s Rememberance

As a childhood polio survivor, I was experiencing the beginnings of post-polio syndrome in the mid 1970s in my mid- 30’s. I was told by a physician that I should as a childhood polio survivor, I began to experience the weakness of post-polio as a syndrome in the mid 1970s in my mid-30s. I was…

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