November 14, 1938

The following sentences were written on Posters and cards for my window downstairs, fully aware they are not smart or intellectual, they were the best I could do under the circumstances to express my work and therefore want to remember them for the attempt

Every window has brought us new students. I have tried writing a lot – tried writing very little, tried few pictures, then many pictures, books newspaper articles etc.  It seems always to offset the previous window.  This building has several schools with hundreds of young girls passing my window every day, Now what puzzles me is why don’t they show more interest in Body Training, our work is modern, clean, the pictures show a fluent alive approach, what now must be done to get these youngsters who show visible physical neglect interested in our work. —–

This next window must be planned for them.

It is time, what an English orator once said

Give me the right word and the right accent and I will move the world — There is nothing I would wish for more than this —

Artists  Poets  Singers have expressed the world over, in all ages, the glory of the human body. Before a beautiful body even the empty headed creatures of fashion stared for a moment with a catch in their throat and sense here is something of divine secrets

If Cold Marble stirs us, how much more the warmth and vitality of living Beauty

Women lose their grace of Motion by relying on artificial means – They forget how immeasurably they can control not only their clothed appearance,  but the very structures of their bodies by the things they do and eat, by the very thoughts they think.

Do You Know?!!   (My own!)

1.  That 99 out 100 women have a the age of 25 broken down the form of their bodies and lost the beauty of form

2. Do you belong to the passive, ignorant and indifferent lot of passerbys and onlookers, or do you belong to the solitary few who don’t take pills and need artificial means to camoflauge health – youth – beauty?

3. What is the purpose of body education

4. (If) you belong to the group of “Ifs”:

If I only had time, if it weren’t too hot, or too cold, if I only was young enough, if I was only strong enough, if I wasn’t so lazy, if it only fell on a better night, if I wasn’t tired, if I wasn’t too fat, if I wasn’t too skinny, if I didn’t have an inferiority complex. 

The reasons we have to listen to, if taken seriously on our part, would have been enough to close the school and hibernate, if it hadn’t been for those who came, saw, and were won over.

5. That to reeducate people to the use of their bodies is the job of Hercules – man conquers the universe and physically is going backwards.

6. That there is no sensation more satisfying more thrilling, more wonderful, than to know you possess a body and can masters its movements, valuable to carry a living one and not a dulled body around.

7. That the Anne Rudolph School is to popularize Body Education for everyone.

The aims of the Anne Rudolph School are:

  • To modernize Body Movements
  • To make them available to all
  • To teach Body Consciousness
  • To help eliminate, not disguise
  • To help avoid human unbalancements
  • To help unite Body – Mind and Soul to a harmonious whole.

At one time I was informed how fortunate that we have the lake: on one side Skyscrapers – Busy Business Life and when we wish so close to Sun, Air and Water. Body Movements are thrilling and glorious activity in a perfect setting – Out Doors.

Come with us some times, join our groups.

Shore up for a rainy day —-

Cooped up in Modern prisons, we the privileged people of civilization and culture know only of the rebirth of nature  by stray whipps of air and wind that gives us a yearning to throw off our burdens + get out — To lie in the Sun, to be carefree.

All we can do is yearn and exist.

Correct Body Training brings you into the realm of great musicianship.

Bodily expression in pictures hears a close relation to the objective and plastic language of pantomime.  Pantomime is not in the least concerned in what the actor thinks, but is very Much concerned with what the beholder thinks the actor thinks.  Similarly the actual feelings + thoughts of the model in a picture matter not at all. What does matter is whether the beholder is given an impression of thought and feeling

Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all ~ Tennyson

That salt of life, which does to all a relish give

Its standing pleasure and intrinsic wealth

The Body’s virtue and the soul’s good fortune



Needs not the foreign aid of ornament, But is, when unadorned, adorned the most

~ Thomson Cornet to a Mother

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