Last day of the year, 1938

4 P.M.  Did a lot of thinking – to all lines and all kinds of work – very few pupils this month so could spend lots of time to quiet thinking which was needed.

Served on Costume this morning

Trying on the gold shimmering material felt good — Yesterday there was nothing.

Then the red was adjusted, then this morning the Gold overthrow, planned it for the lecture – But now want to open the Concert with it —

Griffes Sonate —- Blue Ribbon around the waist. —– Festive mood. —- Very nice work done with the children, 10 min. for their part of the Program, told them the School in the sun was only to be had through work, they were missionaries and as such must be honest and sincere

Between me and nothing was nothing

Then Mrs. Bunke gives me $1.00 and later Mrs. Bartoline $2.00 – And was I glad, it was so close again this time borrowed from H. again over $11.00

Letter from Hellmuth, lovely, sweet, I shall always love him, never give him up, he knows this and this faith in him will help him up, I do want to help him he needs it.

Last New Year, my thoughts were black, Life did not seem worth living.  My thoughts wandered over the Clouds, the ringing of the Bells to my loved one.  This time so many will be with me to hold communion.  Rest and Peace I found with Howard and I am happy with him.  His loyalty is beautiful. Hellmuth, Mother, Howard, Father, Eugen, My poor dead friends, the world, the 3 little souls, their father, for all I will give thanks and be grateful for the future, I hope continued strength, courage and love for my work, for people – Less selfishness More consideration for others – More for my personal joy and desire – More Dance. 2 years of rich living, dancing, spending joy and beauty – Just 2 years.

Ode 1938 – It was a good year to me.

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