Wednesday December 28, 1938

20 min. to 4 —

Will give you a ring when I have more time.

All of us have our own little worlds to conquer – In to it and out of it.  To-day very quiet outside – 2 calls. I had conference with Robert Wolf, we talked over our forthcoming Concert. I told him what I wanted to do —-

No Composition alike, every one entirely different in expression, thought, technique, Costuming, Music, told him of Woman Song.

Made arrangement with Goodman Theatre for Concert February 19 at 8 P.M.

Now the hard work begins and a spartan regime should set in. Here is a test for myself, if I should succeed this once to do a concentrated thing I feel for the future secure.  It is not me alone anymore, and I must think of that. Must forget entirely personal things and consider only my work.  If I accomplish that, then I will be Master and not slave.

So much work to do – Read – Finished Mothers petticoat, will finish the scarf for Mme Sai to-night.  My whole inward being is in an uproar – Work – Concert etc. Will write Hellmuth, have not heard from him for over two months, will write Max, Mother, Father.  I am now glad much has happened, self discipline is something one must fight to acquire, I am in the midst of this terrific struggle and to lose is so easy. —- I am so close, I want to give up.  I am selfish ——– The biggest love is to sacrifice, and do it gladly. For the other, have no resentment, just be thankful for what came once close to you, thank all and give up. ——-

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